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RELEASE 5 PM, 25/2

Acrylic on linen canvas.

180x120 cm

This is a unique work

During the painting process, I worked a lot with the light source as I wanted to create depth and to give it a bit of a magical feeling. The sky turned in very many different shades and is playful and light. The figures you see in the middle of the painting, are walking near the waterline, over Vasabron, with calmness, and without a specific destination. I picture that it is an early summer day and they are all dressed in more light, colorful clothing. I have also applied many layers of paint and focused on blue, brown, and golden tones, with a hint of green in the background. This makes the painting eventful yet calm. It’s also very fascinating how the golden details pops in different lights, depending on the time of the day and where it is placed.


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A white and golden frame is included in the price.