From the beginning, art was just like a medicine to me and painting became a place to escape into. Three years ago, I sold my very first painting. Today I run my own gallery and work with my brand VonEssenDesign full-time. My vision is to create a world of VonEssenDesign, filled with creativity.



My art and previous exhibitions have been inspired by my surroundings and as such, primarily the nature of Stockholm. The paintings can often be interpreted as a dream, a safe place that can be escaped to. Since I also am an engineer, tech is another area that lies close to my heart and most exhibitions can therefore be visited virtually.



My art can easily be recognized from the mixture of abstractness and concreteness. By experimenting with the texture and drying process with acrylics, I have developed a unique technique. Several layers of thick paint are being applied to the canvases. Simultaneously, I use different tools and my fingers to shape the paint. Some sections are almost sculptures on their own. The light source is another important element in my art.



Lovisagatan 4

115 23 Stockholm


There is an opportunity to visit my atelier, call 0739929876 in advance to reserve a time.