"I like to describe my work as a mixture of reality and fantasy- a balance between abstractness and concreteness. I like to re-imagine environments that I’ve had a special connection to and compose around it to highlight its beauty"
 I think that I have an unusual relation to art since math is my other passion. My grandfather always told me that "you cant be an artist- the world needs more engineers".
After 5 years of studying a master in Media Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, you may think that I have lost all creativity, but no- art was the missing puzzle piece. 
Without any education in art, I started to create a new world of art that I so strongly have missed before. I made my own perceptions of environments that I've had a special connection to and by painting every day, new ideas and techniques were added. I can't really describe the feeling, but painting for me is about the journey without a destination.