Sunrise on Santorini Detail Print

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High quality Fine Art Print

Limited edition of 10


Creating Sunset at Santorini included the longest process of them all. At first, I knew that I wanted to create something different. I did have a picture in mind that I wished to recreate, but I was unsure about how. Up until recently, I felt as if something was missing, and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Therefore, I began to play with the buildings and even made a church. When the small crossing was in place, I finally felt satisfied and this painting has become one of my personal favorites. I just love the feeling that the painting brings and the place it brings my mind to. 

The print is made on textured paper of the highest quality in order to simulate the texture and 3D feeling of the original painting. All prints are numbered and signed.

PS. The print is without a frame and comes in a roll. The delivery time is usually 2-4 weeks.