Sunday Calmness

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Acrylic on linen canvas.

120x100 cm

This is a unique work

Release date online: 19/5 at 7PM

Sunday Calmness is about the harmonious aura that I usually feel on Sundays. I love waking up with no obligations and just allow myself to be present. Thus, I have tried to capture that feeling and worked a lot with bright, calm colors to reinforce it in this painting. When looking at this painting, I hope that the viewer gets swept away and into a more mindful place. 

I have also put a lot of effort into the texture. There are thick layers of paint that has dried much longer than usual. This meant that I had to tear apart the color and it later resulted in a very interesting speckled texture.

The painting Sunday Calmness will be released 19/5, 6 pm at 32 rue de Penthièvre Paris, France. For those of you who can not attend to the physical exhibition, the remaining paintings will be released at 7 pm online. 

Ps. We offer worldwide shipping. The delivery is up to 6 weeks. 

A frame is included in the price. 

Try how the painting would look like in your home with the help of our partner Beates AR-tool. Use your mobile camera and place the painting in the desired area. Note that you easily can change the size of the artwork by zooming. 


The beautiful home on the picture belongs to @ ampatriciervilla_og_have