Shape of Paris

125 000 kr
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Acrylic on linen canvas.

200x150 cm

This is a unique work

Release date online: 19/5 at 7PM

Shape of Paris is one of the largest paintings in this exhibition. As you may guess, I absolutely love massive paintings as they tend to affect the atmosphere in a room in a very interesting way. One dream that I have is to one day cover an entire wall with a piece of art. How amazing would that be? 

The motive of this painting is Champs-Élysées, which is a street that evokes many memories for me. Every time that I visit Paris, a stroll along Champs-Élysées is a must and I have tried to capture my interpretation of it with the people, trees, and street lights. This was also the place where I started my first marathon run, and when I look at the painting it reminds me of feeling like an accomplishment, hope, and that nothing is impossible. More, the sky is playful but still harmonious and I think that it has very good energy. 

The painting Shape of Paris will be released on 19/5, 6 pm at 32 rue de Penthièvre Paris, France. For those of you who can not attend the physical exhibition, the remaining paintings will be released at 7 pm online. 


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A frame is included in the price. 


Try how the painting would look like in your home with the help of our partner Beates AR-tool. Use your mobile camera and place the painting in the desired area. Note that you easily can change the size of the artwork by zooming.