Awakening Original Painting

98 000 kr
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Acrylic on linen canvas.

120x180 cm

This is a unique work

Release date online: 19/5 at 7PM

It is time to present the new exhibition- Awakening. I have shown you some glimpses of this painting before but have not given it a proper presentation. This piece is very special to me, and I have been working on it back and forth for a very long time, changing some of the colors, and adding new layers of paint and small tiny details. Somehow, I think that it has a very present soul. To me, it feels almost as if the lady in the middle just has made some drastic changes in her life. Now, she is moving forward and towards a new type of future. Suddenly, she has been awakened and can see things more clearly than ever before. I connect this painting with feelings linked to optimism and hope.

The painting “Awakening” will be released 19/5, 6 pm at 32 rue de Penthièvre Paris, France. For those of you who can not attend to the physical exhibition, the remaining paintings will be released at 7 pm online.

Ps. We offer worldwide shipping. The delivery is up to 6 weeks. 

A frame is included in the price. 

Try how the painting would look like in your home with the help of our partner Baetes AR-tool. Use your mobile camera and place the painting in the desired area. Note that you easily can change the size of the artwork by zooming. 




The beautiful home on the picture belongs to Arijana Heinrici