Nybroviken Skymning

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Release date: 26/02/2020

This is a true masterpiece- and no I'm not afraid to say that! It may be the coolest painting I've ever painted and the one that I'm most proud of. What an effort it has been to get the colours, textures and dimensions right of this giant painting!

But God how pleased I am. Several times I had to use ladders to even reach certain points on this painting. The hardest part of all was that ALL layers needed to dry while the painting was laying down since that is how I create the thick texture!

I've worked on this piece since last fall and was really afraid that I wouldn't be able to show it to you at the exhibition- but now I'm so happy that I will:)

I especially love the figure in the middle of the painting, who is surrounded by two sitting dogs.

The painting is not for sale yet, but it will be on February 26 at 17.00!