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Acrylic on linen canvas.

150X100 cm

This is a unique work

This painting was created with the intention of capturing Stockholm, and more specifically Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) during the autumn. The colors used are dusty and the figures strolling around Hamngatan are wearing fashionable clothing. 

"NK during Autumn” is a part of a charity project with amazing Bröstcancerförbundet. The painting is a very special piece, and it will be given to one of the participants in the fundraising. All money raised will go straight to the fight against breast cancer. Support the project by participating at brostcancerforbundet.se, starting 17/9.

The painting has an appurtenant certificate and will be marked with a unique serial number on the back of the canvas. 

Participate at https://egeninsamling.brostcancerforbundet.se/gava/5-16920?v=20210914173619&justEdited=true