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200 x 200

BIGGEST painting EVER. It was not easy to paint this one since it’s larger than myself in both directions and it took a long time to make it as I wanted it to be. Most problematic was reaching the centre of the painting since the painting must lie down in order for the structure of the painting to dry properly (otherwise the colours tend to flow downwards). Also, this painting is unique in that way it excontains bronze colours, which gives the painting a slightly blurry and mysterious effect.

Acrylic painting with a colour palette of white, pearl white, brown, beige, red, orange, blue, green, turquoise, metallic blue, copper, bronze, silver and gold.

Art by Sabina von Essen.

There is opportunity to visit my atelier, call 0736192147 in advance to reserve a time. 

For more paintings, visit @vonessendesign on instagram.