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RELEASE 5 PM, 25/2

Acrylic on linen canvas.

150x100 cm

This is a unique work

An important source of inspiration for me when painting Mariatorget has been the south part of Stockholm, and especially a walk that I took there this autumn. It was a very special light that certain afternoon and I just couldn’t stop looking at the dramatic sky. During both good and worst periods in my life, going out in nature to capture some fresh air is one of my favorite ways to get peace of mind (together with a painting of course…). Since then, I have felt an urge to capture the impressions from that specific walk on canvas. 

I especially like the very very thick layers of paint, covered with gold paint to create a more harmonious feeling. I have also put a lot of love into the people, who are all very detailed with different patterns and colors on their clothing. 


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A black and gold frame is included in the price.