Fox cubs on Djurgården

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Release date: 24/10/2020

This summer, some foxes stole my shoes at the country place. I became so fascinated by this event that this inspired me to paint foxes in a playful way in my paintings. These two foxes that you see in the left corner of the painting are painted with gold details that make the coat shimmer in a lively way. The painting is painted with unusually bright colours. How do you interpret the painting?

The painting will be for sale on October 24th at 1 pm sharp(on, but you will have the opportunity to visit the digital exhibition from October 21st. Since the exhibition is online in 3D it’s completely corona free and you can participate wherever you are in the world- and as usual, we will have worldwide shipping.

However, if you are interested to see the paintings live you can visit the gallery on Artillerigatan 83 in Stockholm, the 21st-23rd of October 8-5 pm.

Ps. The painting does not include frame.