VonEssenDesign has teamed up with LG Electronics for an exciting project. As you may already know, besides being an artist, Sabina has also studied at KTH University and is an educated engineer. Therefore, she has all since the beginning of her career strived as well as dared to challenge the more traditional world of art. 

The collaboration with LG Electronics enables some of her paintings to be presented on their Oled Gallery TV screen, making art accessible to more homes and environments. As such, this is yet another step towards combing her two biggest passions: technology, and art. 

Besides the digital artworks, also two unique original paintings will be available to see at Nordiska Kompaniet between September 17 and mid-December. Both of the original paintings are inspired by NK, which can be considered the flagship of Stockholm. ”Snowfall at NK” will be available to purchase here on September 17. NK during Autumn” on the other hand, will be a part of a charity project with amazing Bröstcancerförbundet. The painting is a very special piece, and it will be given to one of the participants in the fundraising. All money raised will go straight to the fight against breast cancer. Support the project by participating at brostcancerforbundet.se. 

Lastly, a few Fine Art Prints, based on the two original paintings will also be released here on September 17. The different motives of the prints will both be full-scale and based on details from the artworks.