FINALLY, I warmly welcome you all to my spring exhibition "Brighter Times"!

In collaboration with @gubiofficial and @objekt360, we will offer you a fantastically cool digital 3D experience of Art, interior design and technology in this beautiful environment behind me. It will also be possible to visit the exhibition physically (before the release of the paintings on 8/5 2021 at 1 pm) on Norrlandsgatan 6 in Stockholm. More info about that later!

This exhibition has many messages and emotions involved where I think many can recognize themselves as we have gone through a certainly tough year. For me, an important part of my art has always been to feel harmony in it and especially in these times. The purpose for me with this exhibition is therefore to spread hope, joy and happiness and therefore you will see very colourful and emotional paintings in this exhibition.

As usual, all paintings will be shown before the exhibition(I will publish them weekly) with the purpose of you getting to know them❣️

Important dates:

Monday 3/5
See the paintings live at Gubi's Showroom on Norrlandsgatan 6 in Stockholm. The showroom will be open approximatley 10 am-6 pm every weekday.

Wednesday 5/5
See the paintings online in 3D on at 6 pm. Here you can get acquainted with the paintings digital in peace and quiet until the release.

Saturday 8/5
Live broadcast on IGTV 12.45 from the exhibition and release of all paintings at 1pm!

No matter where you are located in the world, you will be able to explore this exhibition- how awesome is that!!